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At the Korina Hotel the day starts at 7pm with a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate, followed by a journey through our plentiful buffet.

Different types of cereals, juices, freshly sliced watermelon seasonal fruits can be accompanied with homemade cakes, cereal bars, a selection of crusty fresh bread, pastries and Thassos Honey or Jams.

Our cold buffet includes platters of Ham, Turkey and Salami, Local Feta and Gouda Cheese, Thassos olives and freshly made salads with local vegetables topped with olive oil produced by the Hotel’s own olive trees. A variety of flavoured and Greek yogurt sits beside dried fruits and nuts, homemade cheese cakes, rice puddings and mousse topped with fruits from the trees in the garden.

Greek breakfast - Korina Hotel

Greek breakfast

Sausages, Bacon, Balsamic tomatoes and peppers with scrambled eggs, individual omelettes, boiled eggs, or baked eggs wrapped in bacon are on the Hot Buffet. Traditional Greek “Bougatsa”, cheese pie, sausage rolls or the famous “Spanakopita complete this array of Thassian foods.

  • Early packed breakfast available on request
  • We cater for all food allergies or intolerances. Please inform the Hotel before your arrival.
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